Banking and finance

Having knowledge of Polish and European law as well as complex structures and financial products, we assist our clients in many areas related to banking, insurance and capital markets. We advise on finding appropriate legal and financial solutions and on creating and tailoring financial structures to individual needs of clients.

The Department of Banking and Finance offers a wide range of legal services for banks, financial institutions, venture capital funds, businesses and individual investors.

The following list presents only some of our experience and the areas within which we support our clients:

Debt financing and banking

The clients of the TGC law firm are both financial institutions and financed entities. Our lawyers advise clients at each stage of the process of gaining funds, so as to support them in minimising the legal risk and optimizing costs and time.

The services in respect of supporting financial projects include:

  • Representation of both financing and financed entities in respect of legal issues in all kinds of transaction,
    among others in:
    • Financing rea estate purchase
    • Loans, credits and credit facilities
    • Consortium credits
    • Asset financing and leasing
    • Provision of financial and legal collateral of transactions and credits
    • Handling of asset purchase and M&A transactions and provision of legal services in respect of financial projects
    • Provision of legal services in respect of equity financing transactions
  • Advice on legal issues related to financing through equity, including:
    • Increases of the share capital of the company, loans and additional payments
    • Introduction of shares of companies to the securities market
    • Exercise of the subscription right
    • Capital contributions and additional payments made by shareholders

TGC Corporate Lawyers provide legal support to insurance market operators including insurance companies, insurance brokers and insurance agents. Our experience includes:

  • Legal advisory to insurance intermediaries (agents/brokers) including drafting contracts, statutes and regulations
  • Supporting insurance institutions in managing legal risk and designing own system of risk monitoring
  • Giving opinions on loss adjustment grounds when seeking compensation from insurers
  • Legal assistance in court disputes over insurance compensation

We provide legal advisory to public companies and financial institutions transacting business on regulated markets and OTC markets. We have successfully supported clients in mergers and acquisitions involving domestic and foreign entities on the Polish, Czech and Slovak market.

Our team offers:  

  • Legal support in mergers and acquisitions (negotiations and transaction documentation)
  • Representation before the Polish regulatory authorities, including the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Other specialized areas:

  • Public-private partnerships
  • Financial services
  • Financial restructuring and refinancing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Investment funds
  • Investment financing
  • Private placements
  • Regulations of financial supervision authorities
  • Trade finance (bank guarantees, letters of credit, etc.)
  • Operations of foreign banks and other financial institutions in Poland
  • Consumer loans
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