5.10.2022 Company law

Webinar: Amendments to Commercial Companies Code — Holding Law

On 13 October 2022, one of the biggest amendments to the Commercial Companies Code (CCC) came into force. The new rules introduced, among other things, provisions regulating the holding law, i.e. group of companies that pursue common interest as part of a single strategy.

What are the main principles of the holding law and what issues should a company examine before taking decision on participation in a group of companies? And above all, what is the purpose and benefit for companies that decide to take advantage of the new rules of holding law?

Webinar date: 20 October 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Language: Polish

Experts of TGC Corporate Lawyers invite you to watch a recording from their webinar “Amendments to Commercial Companies Code — Holding Law”, where they discussed the most important principles related to participation in groups of companies from the point of view of companies.

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New holding law and groups of companies — Agenda

  • General principles of new provisions of the CCC:
    • purpose of introducing provisions on groups of companies
    • scope of regulations on the group of companies
    • which entities cannot benefit from the holding law?
  • Who can benefit from the holding law?
    • basic definitions of holding law
    • decisions on participation in a group of companies
    • obligation to report the participation in a group of companies
  • Powers of controlling companies participating in groups of companies
    • function of a binding instruction and its elements
    • liability of controlling companies
  • Liability of the subsidiaries’ bodies
    • refusal to carry out a binding instruction
    • liability for carrying out of a binding instruction
    • new responsibilities of the subsidiaries’ management board
  • Supervisory board in holding law
    • supervising the implementation of interests of a group of companies
    • new powers of supervisory boards
  • Rights of shareholders of companies participating in a group of companies
    • compulsory share buy-out
    • action for redressing a damage caused by reduction of share value.
  • Termination of participation in a group of companies
    • decision to discontinue participation in a group of companies.

Participation in webinar was free of charge. To view the recording, please register.


Michał Frąckowiak Senior Associate, Advocate
TGC Corporate Lawyers
Karolina Piątek Junior Associate
TGC Corporate Lawyers
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