6.10.2022 Company law

Webinar: Amendments to Commercial Companies Code — new management board members regulations

The biggest amendment to the Commercial Companies Code (CC) over the last years entered into force on 13 October 2022. In addition to the new rules on holding law, the amendment also introduces specific rules for management board members of limited liability companies.

Amendments to the CCC — significant changes for management board members

Management board members of limited liability companies are facing significant changes concerning things such as rules of liability. The manner of fixing their term of office and the form of drafting resolutions of the management board will also change. In addition, new obligations and sanctions will be imposed on the management board members for non-compliance.

Webinar date: 17 November 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Language: Polish

We invite you to watch a recording of our webinar “Amendments to Commercial Companies Code — new regulations concerning management board members of limited liability companies”, where experts of TGC Corporate Lawyers discussed the most important regulations from the point of view of a management board member relating to their function under the amended CCC.

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New regulations for board members — agenda

  • Rules of liability of management board members under the amended CCC:
    • Business Judgement Rule
    • comparison of the legal status from before the amendment
  • The new responsibilities of the management board members and consequences of non-compliance:
    • confidentiality obligation after the expiry of their term of office
    • duties related to the provision of information to the supervisory board
    • sanctions for failure to comply with new obligations
  • The term of office of the management board members:
    • how to fix the term of office of management board members of a limited liability company using specific examples
  • Form of resolutions of the management board
    • mandatory elements of management board’s resolutions

To watch the webinar recording, please register.


Artur Rogozik
Partner, Attorney-at-law
TGC Corporate Lawyers

Karolina Piątek
Junior Associate
TGC Corporate Lawyers

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