7.03.2023 Business

Webinar: How to prepare for the implementation of KSeF?

From July 2024, it will be obligatory for businesses to use the National System of e-Invoices (Krajowy System e-Faktur, KSeF) for issuing structured e-invoices in business relations. Thus, the era of paper invoices and those generated in accounting programs in pdf format will end. How does the National System of e-Invoices System work? How can businesses prepare for the implementation of KSeF?

The obligation to switch to e-invoicing is a huge change that requires businesses to thoroughly and comprehensively prepare from technical (adaptation of IT infrastructure to support the XML format), accounting and legal perspective.

Structured invoices are not just another form of electronic invoices present on the market since 2004, but a completely new tool leading to quite serious consequences. Taxpayers could voluntarily use this type of invoices from the beginning of 2022, but from 1 July 2024 they will become mandatory. Therefore, business have less and less time to implement the new system and adapt the organization to changes. For this reason, preparing your company for KSeF implementation needs to start today!

Webinar agenda:

  • What is KSeF?
  • The scope of the Act and the expected implementation timetable
  • What is a structured invoice and how does it differ from a “regular” electronic invoice?
  • Which business entities will be covered by KSeF?
  • Penalties for failure to comply with obligations
  • How can businesses prepare for the implementation of KSeF?
  • The impact of new rules on business operations

How to use the National System of e-Invoices? How to prepare for changes in regulations? We invite you to take join our free webinar, during which we will discuss the most important issues related to the implementation of KSeF from a legal perspective.


Piotr Dudek Dyrektor działu nowych technologii, Defence & Aerospace, Adwokat
TGC Corporate Lawyers
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