3.03.2022 Business

Webinar: Sanctions on Russia – how will they affect Polish business?

Sanctions imposed on Russia in connection with the armed conflict in Ukraine affect not only the Russian economy and Russians, but also Polish entrepreneurs with business relations with this market. What repercussions can the already existing restrictions have on companies and can their negative impact on business be minimised?

Sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union, USA and other countries, institutions and international corporations are already beginning to have an effect. The ruble exchange rate is falling dramatically, the authorities are introducing restrictions on the sale of assets by foreigners, fluctuations in commodity prices are possible.

However, the Russian economy does not operate in a vacuum. Many European entrepreneurs, including Polish ones, have business relations with Russia, and trade between the EU and Russia was at a high level before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In all likelihood, therefore, sanctions will also affect domestic business.

Watch a recording of a free webinar during which we covered the most important issues related to the possible impact of the restrictions on Polish entrepreneurs.

Date of the webinar: 11 March 2022
Time of the webinar: 11 AM – 12 PM
Language: Polish

Participation in the event was free of charge for registered users. To watch the recording, please register below.

Webinar agenda:

  • Whether and to what extent will sanctions imposed on Russia affect Polish companies?
  • To what extent are sanctions binding for business? Are entrepreneurs obliged to specific behaviours?
  • What are the consequences of possible failure to comply with sanctions?
  • Whether and what countermeasures can be implemented to minimize possible negative impact of sanctions on the Polish economy?


Piotr Dudek
Director of the New Technologies Department, Defence & Aerospace
TGC Corporate Lawyers

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