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7.06.2024 Protection of whistleblowers

Webinar: Whistleblower protection – how to implement the provisions of the new Act?

On 5 June, the Senate adopted legislation on the protection of whistleblowers. Although the Act will return to the Sejm, legislative work is already at the last stage. This means that employers have little time to adapt to the new regulations. What obligations does the Whistleblower Protection Act impose on them and how to prepare for them?

Watch a recording of a webinar during which explain what steps employers are obliged to take to ensure compliance with whistleblower protection regulations.

Under the new regulations, companies will be required to implement and apply appropriate procedures for reporting violations of the law. They will have only 3 months to adapt to the new regulations. It means this is the last moment to start preparations. Employers will face sanctions for failure to implement appropriate procedures.  

19 June 2024 (Wednesday)
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The webinar is in Polish. To view the recording, please register.

What will you learn from the webinar on whistleblower protection?

During the event, we discussed the most important employer`s obligations under the Act, including the requirements for the internal reporting procedure and their scope. We will also talk about the most important risks and possible sanctions.

Learn how to effectively implement whistleblower protection procedures in your company and ensure a safe working environment.

Whistleblower protection regulations

Scope of violations

Reporting procedures

Risks and sanctions

Whistleblower protection – webinar agenda:

  • The most important assumptions of the new regulations (EU Directive and the bill adopted by the Senate)
  • Who is a whistleblower? Whistleblower protection rules
  • The scope of violations that can be reported
  • Internal procedure – the most important employer`s obligations
  • External Submissions and Public Disclosures
  • Sanctions for violation of the Act
  • Risks for employers related to the implementation of the new regulations

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