Labour law

Labour law

TGC Labour Law Department provides consultancy and legal advice to small and mid-sized business as well as large multinationals employing thousands people worldwide. We advise on Polish and international labour and employment law and offer our services to both local and international businesses. Our law firm provides legal assistance to companies without their own in-house legal departments which need consultation and labour law advice from specialists working in Poland and knowing applicable labour law regulations.

Our experts provide labour law compliance and help to implement obligatory labour law regulations for employers. We adapt it to its business needs to facilitate and streamline business processes in all operational stages and levels and to regulate the competencies and responsibilities of employees and contractors and reduce the risk incurred by employer in the event of inspection or court dispute.

TGC Employment Department have relevant expertise and specialist knowledge of Polish labour code. We work hand-to-hand with our clients to fully understand their corporate structure and personnel policy and provide them with comprehensive, business-oriented, individual and constructive labour law advice that takes into account the specific nature of the problem and their business environment. We support our clients in labour and employment law issues to eliminate barriers and provide solid foundation for growth.

Our goal is to help clients to optimize their functions and to adapt employment related documentation to legal requirements and business needs. We support our clients in concluding employment contracts and agreements, drawing up policies and regulations and provide employers with day-to-day legal advice.  

Our labour law services

  • Daily labour and employment law advice
  • Staff employment support:
    • Support in negotiating terms of contracts
    • Drafting employment contracts
    • Drafting management contracts
    • Drafting service contracts
    • Drafting B2B consulting services contracts
  • Assistance in individual and group dismissals:
    • Developing dismissal strategies
    • Support in optimization of dismissal costs
    • Assessing and reducing risk of disputes
    • Drafting documentation for contract termination
    • Drafting agreements on termination of employment contracts/management contracts/service contracts.
  • Drafting internal company regulations:
    • Work regulations
    • Pay regulations
    • Employee Social Benefit Fund regulations
    • Procedures for
    • work organisation,
    • IT security,
    • counteracting mobbing and discrimination,
    • using property entrusted to employees.
  • Assistance in devising work time and salary structures
    • adapting working time systems to employer’s requirements
    • optimization of payroll and benefits in view of employer’s requirements
  • Protection of trade secret and prohibition of competition
    • Drafting non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
    • Drafting non-competition agreement
  • Audits of procedures and personnel records 
  • Drafting regulations introducing outsourcing / staff leasing / secondment
  • Support in restructuring processes including transfer of work establishment to another employer
    • Drafting notices on transfer of employees under Article 23(1) Labour Code
    • Drafting related agreements with employees
    • Developing staff transfer schemes
  • Support in relations with trade unions
    • Communication and negotiations with trade unions
    • Drafting and negotiating collective bargaining agreements
    • Support and representation in industrial disputes
  • Counteracting discrimination and mobbing
    • Drafting anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing procedures
    • Participation in the works of anti-mobbing committees on behalf of employers
  • Representation before labour courts, National Labour Inspectorate, Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy and other labour law authorities.

Benefits of working with us

By instructing our law firm, clients gain time, security and guarantee that they put their affairs in the hands of professional labour law lawyers with extensive knowledge of polish labour code, who will support clients’ HR department and take care of workforce structure.

Knowledge and expertise of our lawyers will help to rationalize labour relations processes. Support of our team will ensure benefits such as:

  • Cost savings – instructing an external law firm to advise on labour and employment law issues relieve you of the need to hire your own human resources to draw up and prepare employment law contracts. Businesses that work with us do not incur costs related to long-term absences of their employees as our labour lawyers comprehensively handle all employment related tasks and also avoid costs of employee training because it is our task to keep up to date with the ever-changing changing regulations of law.
  • Risk reduction – regular audit of policies, internal regulations and employee records minimizes all employment related risks incurred by employers. If necessary, we can support you in contacts with labour unions (represent in industrial disputes) and in communication with your employees (participation in negotiations) as well as represent you before state institutions and authorities.
  • Ongoing support – over the life of our relationship our labour law specialists are ready to help you and provide advice on employment related matters
  • Data confidentiality  – we keep in strict confidence all personal data, contract wording, results of negotiations and other confidential data associated with senior management, employees and business partners.

Why should I instruct TGC Corporate Lawyers with labour law advice?

  • International support – TGC Corporate Lawyers provides comprehensive assistance and advice in labour and employment law through its offices shared with our sister firms: Crowe and Contract Administration. We are at your disposal in four cities in Poland (law firm in Warsaw and Wroclaw, Cracow and Lodz) and also abroad: in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Thanks to that, we have in our firm labour law lawyers specializing in Slovak and Czech labour law. We also cooperate with a number of law firms in Europe and around the world.
  • Experienced team of our labour and employment law experts ensures great technical competence, knowledge of the market and experience in providing excellent labour law service. Our services are always tailored to the needs and business environment of our clients. TGC Corporate Lawyers care for the highest quality, timely fashion of services and observe the highest level of confidentiality and data security.
  • TGC Corporate Lawyers received Lexcel accreditation - the quality mark for excellence in legal practice management and client care. Our law firm has also implemented ISO 27001 standard in security and data confidentiality management (certification by TUV Nord Polska and DNV).


TGC Corporate Lawyers
City Business Center 5 Karadžicova 16
821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel. +421 2 502 033 00
fax. +421 254 645 032
TGC Corporate Lawyers
Masarykova 413/34
602 00 Brno, Czech Republic [Czechia]
tel. +420 542 425 824
fax. +420 542 425 82
TGC Corporate Lawyers
ul. Hrubieszowska 2
01-209 Warszawa, Poland
tel. +48 22 295 3300
fax. +48 22 295 3301
TGC Corporate Lawyers
ul. Strzegomska 142A
54-429 Wrocław, Poland
tel. +48 71 733 1300
fax. +48 71 733 1301
TGC Corporate Lawyers
ul. Smoleńsk 18/1
31-112 Kraków, Poland
tel. +48 12 334 9100
fax. +48 12 334 9101
TGC Corporate Lawyers
ul. Nawrot 114
90-029 Łódź, Poland
tel. +48 42 671 8560
fax. +48 42 671 8561
TGC Corporate Lawyers
U Garáží 1611/1 Praha 7 Holešovice
Prague, Czech Republic [Czechia]
tel. +420 221 111 611
fax. +420 221 111 612
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TGC Corporate Lawyers

City Business Center 5 Karadžicova 16
821 08 Bratislava
✆: +421 2 502 033 00

TGC Corporate Lawyers

Masarykova 413/34
602 00 Brno
✆: +420 542 425 824

TGC Corporate Lawyers

ul. Hrubieszowska 2
01-209 Warszawa
✆: +48 22 295 3300

TGC Corporate Lawyers

ul. Strzegomska 142A
54-429 Wrocław
✆: +48 71 733 1300

TGC Corporate Lawyers

ul. Smoleńsk 18/1
31-112 Kraków
✆: +48 12 334 9100

TGC Corporate Lawyers

ul. Nawrot 114
90-029 Łódź
✆: +48 42 671 8560

TGC Corporate Lawyers

U Garáží 1611/1 Praha 7 Holešovice
✆: +420 221 111 611

Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

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