4.03.2022 Employment of foreigners

Easier legalisation of stay for persons from Ukraine – draft law

In connection with the massive flow of persons from Ukraine as a result of the armed conflict on the territory of that country, the Polish government plans to introduce facilitations concerning the legalisation of stay of foreigners. On 3 March, a draft act concerning this issue appeared.

The purpose of the proposed regulation is to provide an ad hoc legal basis for legal residence of foreigners holding Ukrainian citizenship, who as a result of military operations entered the territory of Poland, holding an appropriate entry permit.

The new provisions will facilitate the legalisation of the stay of Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Poland in connection with the Russian invasion, in particular by simplifying the rules of:

  • entrusting work to citizens of Ukraine legally residing in the territory of Poland;
  • granting entitlement to citizens of Ukraine whose residence on the territory of Poland is legal
  • extending the periods of legal residence of citizens of Ukraine and documents issued to them by the Polish authorities concerning their entry into and residence on the territory of Poland;
  • granting authority to Polish and Ukrainian citizens who are students, academic teachers or research workers entering from the territory of Ukraine;
  • assistance provided by voivodes.

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