5.02.2020 Reports & surveys

Employers’ Challenges 2020 – Survey Results

Rising labour costs and difficulties in recruiting and retaining employees are, according to employers, the biggest challenges they will face in 2020. Further changes in tax law during the year may also cause difficulties for companies.

The survey “Employer Challenges 2020” was carried out by Contract Administration and TGC Corporate Lawyers at the turn of 2019 and 2020. According to nearly 80% of the respondents, rising labour costs are one of the most problematic areas this year, in 2019 this was the opinion of 54% of respondents. A similar trend can be observed in the case of recruitment and retention of team members. A growing problem is low employee engagement, especially among the youngest age group.

Employers also see frequent changes in the law during the year as a problem, both in the area of the Labour Code and taxes. 

The biggest challenges for employers in 2020

5 – the most difficult area, 1 – the least onerous.

Assessment of the changes introduced in 2019

Among the changes introduced in the previous year, the employers surveyed rated the increase in protection of employees against discrimination, mobbing and unequal behaviour the highest. The companies also welcomed the extension of maternity leave entitlements to other people, the introduction of zero PIT and an increase in tax deductible costs. The lowest rating was given to the introduction of Employee Capital Plans (PPK).

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