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From 1 July 2021, entries to the National Court Register (KRS) made only online

From 1 July, the applications to the National Court Register (KRS) can be submitted only in an electronic form. The e-KRS applies to all entrepreneurs, except for associations, foundations, social organisations and public health care centres, for which the new solution is a voluntary option.

Applications to the National Court Register via the Internet

On 1 July 2021, an amendment to the provisions of the Act on the National Court Register (KRS) entered into force. The amendment made it mandatory for entrepreneurs to submit their registration applications via an ICT portal, i.e. in an online form.

Informatisation of the registration procedure before the KRS includes:

  • E-registration applications (non-printable e-form to be completed and submitted online),
  • E-decisions regarding the register of business entities in the KRS (a document with the decision in electronic form and signed with a qualified electronic signature is sent to the user’s account in the Court Register Portal, there is also an option to subscribe to a newsletter so that the user receives a notification that there is a message on the portal regarding the decision issued),
  • E-payments for the registration applications made when submitting the application electronically.

Moreover, the e-KRS portal allows the applicant to upload attachments online (these attachments are non-confidential so it is worth carefully verifying the file to be attached).

The language of the portal is Polish, and the applications can be submitted if the entrepreneur has an E-PUAP trust profile or a qualified signature.

The amendment also provides for documents, copies or certificates to be issued electronically, in addition to the traditional version, which is still available, and for which, after the changes, it is required to submit an electronic application for the issue of a paper document and pay a fee before it can be collected at the court’s premises.

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