From May 16, the occupation code of the person reported to ZUS required

In result of the amendment to the regulations on the social security system, from 16 May 2021, payers will be obliged to provide the code of the occupation of a person reported to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

Following the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the regulations on the social security system regarding data reported by payers have been amended, and the purpose of this amendment is, inter alia, to make it easier for the payers of contributions to correctly fill in ZUS application documents.

ZUS applications – what has changed?

The new social security regulations from 16 May 2021 introduce the following changes to the obligations of the payers of ZUS contributions:

  • ZUS payers will have to provide the 6-digit code of occupation of the person reported for social security,
  • payers will use new application forms ZUS ZUA and ZUS ZZA.

ZUS applications – how has it been so far?

Note that the payers have so far declared in the application the following data of the person reported to ZUS:

  • surname, forenames, date of birth,
  • family name, nationality and gender,
  • title of insurance, degree of disability, possession of an established right to a retirement pension or disability pension,
  • address of permanent residence, domicile address if different from the address of permanent residence,
  • correspondence address if different from the permanent residence address and the domicile address.

From 16 May 2021 it will also be necessary to report the occupation performed (6-digit occupation code, ZUS ZUA form – section X, field 01, ZUS ZZA form – section V, field 02).

Where can I find the occupation code required for ZUS applications?

ZUS contribution payers can find the relevant 6-digit occupation code in the classification of occupations and specialities set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 7.08.2014 on the classification of occupations and specialities for the needs of the labour market and the scope of its application.

They can also use the job description search engine provided by the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology, in which, after entering the name of the occupation, they will quickly obtain the required code.

Reason for changes to ZUS applications

The above discussed changes, according to the justification of the regulation, are to be used for monitoring of deficit occupations, analysis and forecast of the labour market, statistical research and are to allow the payers of contributions to correctly fill in the ZUS applications.


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