29.04.2020 Business law

Government Shield 3.0 draft bill

On 28 April 2020 the Government presented a draft bill of the Anti-Crisis Shield 3.0, aimed at mitigating the direct effects of the epidemic and preparing both the economy and administrative structures for the challenges which will follow the extinction of epidemic outbreaks.

The Shield 3.0 project assumes:

  • extension of the exemption from obligation to settle the unpaid social security contributions. Entrepreneurs will be able to stop paying their own social and health insurance contributions for 2 months. If the income would be higher than 300% of the forecasted average monthly remuneration, the possibility of taking advantage of the aid will depend on the level of income obtained in February 2020, which cannot be higher than PLN 7000. The exemption also applies to entrepreneurs who are natural persons, but only with regard to their own health insurance contributions
  • downtime benefit for an entrepreneur who started running business before 1 April 2020
  • an increase in the income criterion entitling to benefits from the alimony fund (family income per family member) to PLN 900
  • an increase of 25% in the amount of remuneration for work exempt from execution for each member of the family who has no income and is dependent on an employed family member
  • the application of an exceptional exemption from the requirement to obtain a work permit during a state of epidemic hazard or a state of epidemic and 30 days after their cancellation in sectors where seasonal work permits are required
  • the possibility of submitting letters to common courts through the e-PUAP platform
  • the possibility of providing service by the court through: the e-PUAP platform, the information portal of common courts and the e-mail address provided by the addressee in the procedural document and intended for such service
  • the extension of validity of waste management decisions which would expire during a state of epidemic hazard or a state of epidemic
  • extension of the deadline from 30 April to 30 September 2020 to conduct an external audit for 2019 of the entrepreneurs who recycle, carry out another process of recovery of packaging waste or export such waste
  • the introduction of sanctions in the nullity of contracts of so-called transfer of title to the secure residential property used by the consumer in certain cases
  • recapitalisation of Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. with an amount of up to PLN 900 million (from the Reprivatisation Fund) to be used particularly as support for entrepreneurs
  • postponement of the deadlines for the share dematerialisation procedure – expiry of validity of paper share documents – 1 March 2021
  • the resumption of administrative, procedural and judicial deadlines in all cases,
  • a hearing or a public hearing in cases under the Code of Civil Procedure, may be conducted with the use of technical devices enabling their remote transmission with simultaneous direct video and audio streaming

See also: Shield 3.0 – new deadline for share dematerialisation

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