26.07.2021 Company law

New e-Tax Office service – access to partnership’s identification data

National Tax Administration has introduced another e-Tax Office (“e-US”) service which will enable the partners to access the partnership’s identification data. The new service will be available to partners of partnerships, general partnerships, civil partnerships, limited partnerships and limited joint-stock partnerships.

The e-US portal is an open communication channel between the tax office and the customer, available at podatki.gov.pl. Since its launch, it has enjoyed growing popularity, the portal has been logged in over 22.5 million times.

So far, people running a business have had access to e-microfirma application in the e-US, which allows to keep records of purchase and sales invoices, as well as prepare JPK_VAT files directly on the website.

Now, e-US has been extended by another service for taxpayers running business activity – access to identification data of partnerships.

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New e-Tax Office service for partners of partnerships  

The newly launched service on the e-Tax Office portal (“e-US”) is to provide the partners with quick and convenient access to the partnership’s data and enable them to verify whether the data are correct and and up-to-date without leaving home.

This service is addressed to partners of professional partnerships, general partnerships, civil partnerships, limited partnerships and limited joint-stock partnerships who after logging in to the portal will gain easy access to their personal data and partnership’s identification data provided to the tax office such as: registered office address, place of conducting business and storing accounting documentation, contact details and bank accounts.

Future extension of e-US services

At the end of this year, another extension of the e-US functionality is planned that will make it possible to download electronic certificates confirming, among other things, lack of tax arrears. A service for notaries will also be introduced which will allow to send notarial deeds to tax offices online via e-US.

In 2022, the implementation of interactive tax forms in the e-US is planned, which are currently in the e-Deklaracje system.

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