9.11.2020 Business law

Pandemic restrictions for businesses

As of 24 October, the division into green, yellow and red zones ceased to apply in Poland, and now uniform sanitary rules apply throughout the country. Pursuant to subsequent ordinances of the Prime Minister, severe restrictions on running business were introduced. Which industries will be most affected by the revised COVID-19 Regulation and temporary business closures?

The sanitary restrictions introduced for many businesses mean the suspension of their business activities, while for the remaining ones the necessity to quickly adapt to additional restrictions.

Business closures

The heaviest restriction imposed until further notice makes the following industries close:

  • hospitality venues – which prepare and serve meals and drinks to guests in the premises, including by displaying a generally available menu, with the exception of providing food and drink for takeaway or delivery,
  • organization and promotion of fairs, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, trainings and meetings, except for those delivered online,
  • health resorts and rehabilitation centres, where the requirement to suspend rehabilitation activities does not include cases where discontinuation of rehabilitation may seriously deteriorate patient’s health,
  • funfairs, theme parks and leisure parks,
  • discos and night clubs and businesses which provide space for dancing organized indoors or in other closed premises,
  • swimming pools, aquaparks, gyms, clubs and fitness centres,
  • services related to the improvement of physical condition (PKD 96.04.Z).

In addition, until November 29, 2020, there is a ban on conducting business for:

  • retail outlets in shopping malls, with the exception of shops selling food, hygiene products, articles for animals, construction and renovation products, and also with the exception of pharmacies,
  • hotels and similar establishments for the reception of guests, except for business travellers,
  • cinemas, theatres, museums – in terms of organizing performances, exhibitions, etc. with   participation of audience.

The above restrictions do not apply to sports dance clubs, dance schools as well as sports and recreational facilities conducting medical activities intended for patients and people practicing sports as part of sports competition or sports activities or sports events at universities and schools. Only guests staying longer than one hotel night can use hotel swimming pools.

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Restrictions in commercial and service facilities

The ordinance of the Prime Minister introduced restrictions on number of persons who can stay in commercial and service establishments and facilities at the same time. In the facilities with an area of ​​up to 100 m2, the number of customers is 1 person per 10 m2, excluding staff. In larger facilities, this limit is 1 person per 15 m2, excluding staff.


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