15.02.2021 Real estate law

Real estates – the end of tax and procedural equality

After Brexit, when the UK became a non-EU country, there have been tax and administrative barriers to buying property, and the EU-British trade agreement does not regulate this issue.

The United Kingdom’s separation from the European Union has made the principle of free movement of capital null and void, and when there is an inflow of British capital into Poland to purchase real estate or shares in companies owning real estate in Poland by British companies, it is necessary to obtain a permit from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration. In practice, it may take even several months to collect the relevant documents and wait for the permit to be issued. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration (MSWiA) may check in advance, also with the help of relevant government administration bodies, whether the acquisition of the real estate by a foreigner will not pose a threat to e.g., defence, state security or public order – explains Grzegorz Witczak, lawyer, Director of the Department of Commercial and Real Estate Law at TGC Corporate Lawyers, in a publication on the “Rzeczpospolita” daily newspaper.

More information in the publication ‘Koniec podatkowej i proceduralnej równości’ in the issue of Rzeczpospolita of 15 February 2021. The article is available in Polish only. 

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