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Registration in CEiDG only online

The government is working on changes to the Central Register and Information on Business Activity (CEiDG) to improve the conduct of business. The Act on the Central Register and Information on Business Activity and the Business Information Desk of 6 March 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2022, item 541), was adopted as part of the “Constitution for Business” package. It primarily contains procedural, technical and organizational regulations concerning the CEiDG. The provisions of the Act are reviewed on a regular basis and, if necessary, are amended to meet the needs of the CEiDG users. The current effective period of the Act has allowed for the collection of proposals for changes and experiences of entrepreneurs and public administration as regard the functioning of the CEiDG.

Application for entry in CEiDG only online

The Ministry of Development and Technology is working on solutions to reduce formalities when registering business activity and publishing information about a civil partnership. The ultimate goal is to fully digitalize the process of submitting applications for entry in the CEIDG and abandoning paper form applications.

The transition to online forms will be spread over time. Support from the Biznes.gov.pl Assistance Centre will also be available to meet the needs of people who do not use digital technologies.

Currently, an application for entry in the CEiDG can be submitted both online and in paper. However, according to data from the Ministry of Development and Technology, as many as 63% of entrepreneurs chose to register their business online in 2023.

Submitting an online application to the CEiDG provides a number of benefits for an entrepreneur:

  • e-application is processed faster than paper one,
  • online registration is available 24/7,
  • there is no need to submit the required documents in person,
  • costs related to printing or sending documents are reduced,
  • e-registration is faster, which translates into time savings.

Information about a civil partnership in one place

The new solution is expected to bring a number of benefits also when it comes to information related to running a business. The legislator proposed:

  • to simplify the process of providing information about a civil law partnership by making it digital,
  • to ensure access to data contained in the CEIDG and providing services by entrepreneurs via the mObywatel application,
  • to publish information about a civil partnership in one place.

The solutions proposed by theMinistry of Development and Technologyare said to be adopted by the government in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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Grzegorz Witczak Director of the Commercial Law and Property Department
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