2.06.2022 Remote work

Remote working in the Labour Code brings additional obligations for employers

On 24 May 2022, Cabinet adopted a draft act permanently introducing remote working into the Labour Code. According to the draft provisions, employers will have additional obligations. They will have to, for instance, cover the costs of electricity or telecommunication services used at home-office.

According to the projected amendment to the Labour Code, remote work shall be provided either in full or in hybrid form, and an employer shall be obliged to provide an employee with work equipment and tools necessary to perform professional duties.

An employee may request a remote work by submitting a relevant application to an employer. In such a request, the employee will be obliged to indicate the place of work, usually the place of residence – explains Magdalena Wilkoszewska, Director of the Labour Law Department at TGC Corporate Lawyers, in a comment for Interia.pl.

An employer will be responsible for calculating an allowance for expenses incurred by an employee while working remotely. The legislator does not specify how to calculate such expenses, so it should be assumed that in most cases it will take the form of a lump sum – adds Magdalena Wilkoszewska from TGC Corporate Lawyers.

The article is available in Polish only.

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