Employment of foreigners

Employment of foreigners - legal support for firms

We offer comprehensive legal support for employers of foreigners from the European Union and outside the EU. We help in fulfilling all procedures connected with legalization of stay and obtaining documents necessary for taking up employment by foreigners. We also provide support in the procedure enabling their families to stay in Poland.

Legalization of work and stay of a foreigner in Poland - scope of services

TGC Corporate Lawyers helps employers to obtain work permits in Poland for foreigners from outside the European Union and legal residence permits for them and their families. We provide all necessary assistance and ensure that our clients do not suffer any negative consequences of illegal work. We offer our clients representation before administrative authorities in procedures legalizing their stay in the territory of Poland and obtaining a residence card for their employees.

We offer employers support in obtaining documents enabling the legalization of a foreigner's stay in Poland, such as:

  • work permit
  • a residence card, including:
    • permanent residence card,
    • temporary residence card,
    • long-term resident's EU card,
    • the EU Blue Card.

We also offer legal support to employers who employ citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia on the basis of the employer's declaration of entrustment.

Within the framework of our services we provide full support on each stage of the procedure of legalization of stay in Poland and obtaining a work permit for a foreigner, including:

  • advice on choosing the right procedure and the right type of work permit or residence permit,
  • obtaining residence cards, including a permanent residence card, a temporary residence card, a long-term resident's EU card and an EU blue card,
  • obtaining all types of work permits and extensions of work permits,
  • handling matters relating to the invitation,
  • obtaining statements on entrustment of work,
  • obtaining residence registration and residence cards of a family member of an EU citizen, including permanent residence cards for EU citizens and their families,
  • proper completion of relevant applications for granting a residence permit and/or a work permit to a foreigner, in accordance with the requirements of the office and in accordance with the provisions of law,
  • contacting Poviat and Voivodeship Labour Offices and Voivodeship Offices,
  • submitting an offer of a vacant place of employment in order to obtain information from the Starosta if required,
  • preparation of additional documents/statements within the scope of services provided to foreigners,
  • legal assistance regarding the required documentation and ongoing support in the process of obtaining a work permit,
  • support of a foreigner in the event of a summons to appear in person in the office in order to provide explanations,
  • cooperation with a sworn translator and a notary public, if necessary,
  • advising on the provisions of Polish immigration law,
  • assistance in obtaining a Tax Identification Number (NIP),
  • assistance in obtaining PESEL number - including PESEL number for foreigners not residing in Poland,
  • conducting cases for certification of Polish citizenship,
  • other issues related to the stay of foreigners on the territory of Poland.

Registration of a European Union citizen - scope of service

Foreigners from the European Union, we help in obtaining:

  • registration of stay,
  • residence cards of a family member of an EU citizen,
  • permanent residence cards for EU citizens and their families.

What benefits does the TGC's legal support of employment of foreigners provide?

  • Comprehensive service – the service of foreigners (just like all legal services provided by our law firm) is provided in accordance with the highest quality standards, confirmed by the Lexcel quality certificate awarded to our law firm by the British Bar Association The Law Society.
  • Data security – at TGC Corporate Lawyers we care about security, which is confirmed by the international certificate of compliance with the ISO 27001 standard for the implementation and application of the Information Security Management System.
  • Experience and competence – it is worth trusting us, because we have extensive knowledge of the law, supported by many years of experience. We have been operating in Poland for nearly 30 years. We cooperate with other law firms, including foreign ones, to effectively implement international projects.
  • Flexibility of the offer - TGC Corporate Lawyers effectively adapts to the changing market requirements and customer needs. The knowledge of our specialists is up-to-date and their services are fully comprehensive. This allows us to flexibly adjust our offer to the expectations of our clients. We provide services online and stationary in our offices in Poland.
  • Cooperation with international companies - TGC belongs to a group which includes Crowe (a member of the international Crowe Global network) and Contract Administration, a payroll and HR company. Our group has branches in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What is a residence card?

The residence card is a confirmation of the right of a foreigner to stay in Poland. A foreigner who holds a valid residence card can cross the Polish border many times and travel to countries in the Schengen area without the need for a visa.

The type of the issued residence card, and consequently the period of its validity, depends on the basis of its issue. The basis for applying for a residence card may be:

  • a permanent residence permit,
  • temporary residence permit,
  • a long-term resident's residence permit.

A permanent residence card issued on the basis of a permanent residence permit is valid for 10 years. A temporary residence card is issued for a maximum period of three years. If the temporary residence permit is shorter, the validity of the card is identical to the period for which the residence permit was granted.
It should be remembered that in case of an illegal stay of a foreigner on the territory of the Republic of Poland, administrative proceedings are initiated in order to oblige the foreigner to return. The proceedings concerning the obligation to return are initiated and conducted by the commanding officer of the Border Guard post or the commanding officer of the Border Guard division.

What is a work permit?

A work permit is a document that should be obtained by a foreigner who wants to work legally in Poland. A direct applicant in the procedure of obtaining a work permit is an employer (Polish or foreign), which may be a company having legal personality or a natural person. Sanctions for entities which entrust work to a foreigner who does not have a work permit to perform work on the territory of Poland are generally regulated by the provisions of the Act of 15 June 2012 on the results of entrusting work to foreigners residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland in violation of the provisions of the Act on the results of entrusting work to foreigners residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 769). Employing foreigners without a valid work permit may result in the necessity to cover the costs related to its expulsion from the country.
A work permit is issued for employment with a specific employer for a specific foreigner, for a specific period of time and for a specific position. The permit must specify the type, place, time of work and remuneration for the employee. In order to change any of the aforementioned conditions of employment, it is necessary to submit relevant documents to the competent Voivodeship Office.

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