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Shelf companies

Shelf companies in Polandready-made companies for sale

TGC Corporate Lawyers offer shelf companies for sale, ready to conduct business in Poland. Buying a ready-made company allows you to quickly start a business venture and is less time-consuming than starting a company from scratch. It allows you to avoid complicated procedures and optimize costs.


Company formation in Poland

Shelf companies in Poland

The shelf companies for sale offered by our law firm are limited liability companies registered, prepared for purchase and with no history of business operations, contracts, liabilities or debts. The ready-made companies in Poland are addressed to private buyers as well as state and local authorities.

Shelf company in Poland with VAT registration and bank account 

Each ready-made limited liability company offered by TGC Corporate Lawyers:

  • is registered in Warsaw and has:
    • KRS number (National Court Register Number)
    • NIP number (Tax Identification Number)
    • Regon number (National Business Register Number)
    • VAT and EU VAT number
  • has clear history – never conducted business activity
  • has no debts or liabilities
  • has internally kept accounting records,
  • has bank account in the Polish bank (mBank S.A or Pekao S.A.)
  • has paid-in share capital of PLN 5 000
  • management board members are associates of TGC Corporate Lawyers

We provide legal assistance in the entire process of purchasing a ready-made company in Poland. We also offer support after starting the business. Buyers can take advantage of, among other things, from corporate secretarial services, which greatly facilitate day-to-day operation of the company.

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal services as well as complementary services provided by Crowe and Contract Administration which form a part of the Advartis Group:

Ready-made companies for sale – scope of services

As part of the sale of a shelf company we provide our clients with a comprehensive package of services covering all aspects of company purchase. The sale of a ready-made limited liability company involves:

Basic service consisting of all steps necessary to transfer the purchased company includes:

  • drafting share purchase agreement,
  • drafting powers of attorney,
  • attendance at the notary’s office to execute the share purchase agreement,
  • appointment of a new management board of the company,
  • completing forms required for filing with the National Court Register (KRs) and notification of changes to the KRS,
  • preparation of tax return relating to the company purchase transaction (PCC-3)
  • completing appropriate NIP form to register NIP number for the buyer of shares

Additional company secretarial services for new owners of a shelf company, such as:

  • change of the business name or corporate seat of the company,
  • change of the registered office address of the company,
  • change of the competent tax office, if applicable due to the change of registered office address or corporate seat of the company,
  • other changes to the company founding deed,
  • increase of the company’s share capital,
  • help in changing the authorizations at bank,
  • registration with the Central Register of Beneficial Owners,
  • accounting kept by a professional leader of accounting services, our group company,
  • registered office address (only if using accounting services offered by our group company),
  • collecting and forwarding correspondence as part of the registered address service,
  • keeping electronic document database of the company.

We also render legal services related to other statutory or registration activities required to achieve business objectives of the company.

Ready-made companies for sale – key benefits

Time saver

Buying a ready-made shelf company enables you to skip arduous and time-consuming formalities required to set up your own business because setting up a commercial company involves fulfilling a number of requirements.
Companies for sale are offered together with a package of services including all actions necessary to take over the purchased company. The buyer may take advantage of an additional offer, which allows, inter alia, to change the address of the company or the tax office, keeping accounts or handling correspondence.


By purchasing a shelf company from TGC Corporate Lawyers you can be certain that all necessary registration-related formalities have been completed. Also, the purchased company is not encumbered in any way and members of their governing bodies has been vetted and meet the necessary criteria.

The ability to quickly start business

All companies for sale on our offer are registered, have a bank account and meet the necessary operative conditions (including KRS, REGON, NIP, VAT and EU VAT numbers). The buyer may start a business from the moment the company is purchased.

Sale of ready-made companies in Poland – why TGC Corporate Lawyers?

Service availability

The services of our law firm are available in Warsaw and Wrocław. A shelf company operating in one of those cities may take advantage of our other services such as company secretarial services.

Comprehensive service

TGC Corporate Lawyers provide legal services to companies with various business profiles. Services related to company law include establishing companies, branch or representative offices, drafting contracts of assistance in making changes. Many of our clients choose to use our corporate secretarial services.

Experience and competence

TGC Corporate Lawyers has over 30 years of market experience. We have accomplished hundreds of projects for Polish and international companies. We focus on practical solutions that support development of our clients’ business.

Legal solutions tailored to client’s needs

Knowledge of the specific nature of the client’s sector combined with many years of experience allow us to better understand the nuances specific to a given industry and find optimal solutions for clients

Quality and security

We provide our services in accordance with the highest quality standards and in accordance with restrictive data protection procedures. We have Lexcel certificate awarded by the British Law Society and a certificate confirming the introduction and application of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.


Limited liability company vs. branch of a foreign company – business in Poland by foreigners

Shelf companies – find out how we can help!

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