Labour law

Our Labour Law Department have relevant expertise and specialist knowledge of Polish and international labour law. We work hand-to-hand with our clients to fully understand their corporate strategy and personnel structure and provide them with comprehensive, business-oriented and constructive advice that takes into account the specific nature of their business environment. We support our clients in labour law issues to eliminate barriers and provide solid foundation for growth.

Our labour law services include the following:

Daily labour law advice

Staff employment support:

  • Support in negotiating terms of contracts
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Drafting management contracts
  • Drafting service contracts
  • Drafting B2B consulting services contracts

Assistance in individual and group dismissals:

  • Developing dismissal strategies
  • Support in optimization of dismissal costs
  • Assessing and reducing risk of disputes
  • Drafting documentation for contract termination
  • Drafting agreements on termination of employment contracts/management contracts/service contracts.

Drafting internal company regulations:

  • Work regulations
  • Pay regulations
  • Employee Social Benefit Fund regulations
  • Procedures of work organisation, IT security, counteracting mobbing and discrimination, disposing of property entrusted to the employee

Assistance in devising work time and salary structures

  • adapting working time systems to employer’s requirements
  • optimization of payroll and benefits in view of employer’s requirements

Protection of trade secret and prohibition of competition

  • Drafting non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • Drafting non-competition agreement

Audits of procedures and personnel records 

Immigration services

  • Obtaining documents to ensure legal employment of foreigners
  • Obtaining documents to ensure legal residence of family members of foreigners
  • Assisting companies employing citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia based on declaration of intent to employ
  • Obtaining EU-wide work permits (blue cards)
  • Obtaining permanent residence permits
  • Obtaining long-term EU residence permits

Drafting regulations introducing outsourcing, staff leasing and secondment

Support in restructuring processes including transfer of work establishment to another employer

  • Drafting notices on transfer of employees under Article 23(1) Labour Code
  • Drafting related agreements with employees
  • Developing staff transfer schemes

Support in relations with trade unions

  • Communication and negotiations with trade unions
  • Drafting and negotiating collective bargaining agreements
  • Support and representation in labour disputes

Counteracting discrimination and mobbing

  • Drafting anti-discrimination and anti-mobbing procedures
  • Participation in the works of anti-mobbing committees on behalf of employers

Representation before labour courts, National Labour Inspectorate, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and other social policy authorities.



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