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TGC Corporate Lawyers offers shelf companies for sale, ready to conduct business in Poland. These are limited liability companies registered, prepared for purchase and with no history of business operations, contracts, liabilities or debts. Shelf company enable you to save time, money and energy - TGC provide necessary, reliable knowledge, market know-how and ensure compliance with business and labour law regulations. Buying a ready-made shelf company avoids time-consuming and complicated procedures. The selling process and sometimes also subsequent legal, accounting and HR services are handled by our law firm and our group of companies.

Highly-qualified staff of our law firm guarantee that shelf company is transferred in compliance with all applicable legal regulations.

When buying a shelf corporation you will be provided with legal assistance at all stages of the process. Buyers may also use additional company secretarial services offered by TGC, which makes it significantly easier for them to conduct business activity based on the knowledge and skills of specialized lawyers.

Shelf companies – scope of services

The shelf companies for sale are addressed to private buyers as well as state and local authorities. The shelf corporations offered by our law firm:

  • are registered in Warsaw,
  • have paid-in share capital of PLN 5 000,
  • have all necessary registration numbers (KRS, REGON, NIP, VAT),
  • have their registered office address in Warsaw TGC office,
  • have internally kept accounting records,
  • have management board members who have worked with TGC for years,
  • have bank accounts operated by Bank Pekao SA.

As part of the sale of a shelf company we provide our clients with related package of services. The sale of a ready-made limited liability company includes:

 Basic service consisting of all actions necessary to transfer the purchased company includes:

  • drafting share purchase agreement,
  • drafting powers of attorney,
  • attendance at the notary’s office to execute the share purchase agreement,
  • appointment of a new management board of the company,
  • support in filing necessary information with the bank,
  • completing forms required for filing with the National Court Register,
  • preparation and submission of tax return relating to the company purchase transaction (PCC-3).

Additional company secretarial services for new owners of a shelf company, such as:

  • Change of the business name or corporate seat of the company,
  • Change of the registered office address of the company,
  • Change of the competent tax office, if applicable due to the change of registered office address or corporate seat of the company,
  • Changes to the company founding deed,
  • Increase of the company’s share capital,
  • Accounting records kept by a professional leader of accounting services, our group company,
  • Facilitating registered office address conditional on using the accounting services offered by our group company,
  • Receipt and sending of correspondence as part of the registered address service,
  • Keeping electronic document database of the company.

We also render legal services related to other statutory or registration activities required to achieve business objectives of the company.

Benefits of purchasing a shelf company

Ready-made shelfe companies  enable you to skip arduous and time-consuming formalities required to set up one’s own company. Setting up a limited liability company requires knowledge and a number of legal and banking transactions, so by purchasing a good shelf company from TGC you can be certain that all necessary formalities have been completed and the purchased company is not encumbered in any way.

Other benefits of buying shelf corporations form TGC include:

  • Assistance in dealing with formalities related to company purchase and management – shelf companies are offered for sale with a package of services including activities necessary to transfer the purchased company. The buyer may use an additional service supporting, e.g. the change of the registered office address or change of tax office, keeping accounts or handling correspondence.
  • Time saver – a shelf company purchased from a law firm saves a lot of time. The product offered by TGC is registered, has a bank account and meets conditions necessary to start business (has KRS, REGON, NIP and VAT number ) – dealing with such issues on one’s own may be laborious and time-consuming.
  • Support of a highly-qualified team of lawyers – high-performance professionals with international experience ensure that top standards are applied to all procedures leaving you free to concentrate on your business.
  • Confidentiality and safety – all data are secured in accordance with applicable standards and the transfer process of a ready-made limited liability company is conducted in a safe, orderly and transparent manner.

Why should I buy a shelf company from TGC Corporate Lawyers?

  • Service availability – the services of our law firm are available in four biggest Polish cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Łodź and Wrocław. A shelf company operating in one of those cities may take advantage of our other services such as company secretarial services.
  • Comprehensive service – TGC Corporate Lawyers provide legal services to companies with various business profiles. Services related to company law include drafting contracts with shareholders and associates or establishing branch and representative offices. Company secretarial staff will ensure that your basic statutory compliance requirements are met.
  • Experience and competence – TGC Corporate Lawyers has over 25 years of market experience which translated into specialist expertise, high-quality services and great technical competence of our legal team.
  • Offer tailored to the client – TGC experts complete the assignments entrusted to them in accordance with the client’s wish and legal standards, in a timely manner and in observance of data protection rules.
  • Quality confirmed by certificates: Lexcel certificate awarded by the British Law Society and internationally recognized certificate confirming introduction and maintenance of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.


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TGC Corporate Lawyers

City Business Center 5 Karadžicova 16
821 08 Bratislava
✆: +421 2 502 033 00

TGC Corporate Lawyers

Masarykova 413/34
602 00 Brno
✆: +420 542 425 824

TGC Corporate Lawyers

ul. Hrubieszowska 2
01-209 Warszawa
✆: +48 22 295 3300

TGC Corporate Lawyers

ul. Strzegomska 142A
54-429 Wrocław
✆: +48 71 733 1300

TGC Corporate Lawyers

ul. Smoleńsk 18/1
31-112 Kraków
✆: +48 12 334 9100

TGC Corporate Lawyers

ul. Nawrot 114
90-029 Łódź
✆: +48 42 671 8560

TGC Corporate Lawyers

U Garáží 1611/1 Praha 7 Holešovice
✆: +420 221 111 611

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