PFRON (National Disabled Persons’ Rehabilitation Fund)

Advice on hiring disabled persons:

  • advice related to employment of the disabled, including additional employees’ rights and disability certificates
  • procedure for the award and loss of the status of a sheltered workplace
  • verifying the manner of determining the employment levels and quota requirements for employment of people with disabilities to receive additional allowances or financial support.

Support in obtaining state aid for hiring disabled employees (including de minimis aid)

  • assistance in applying for PFRON subsidies to finance the salaries of employees with disabilities
  • obtaining refunds from the local authorities for adaptation of workstations
  • support in administrative and court proceedings when an entity has to reimburse the state aid

Daily advice regarding obligatory payments to PFRON

Support in managing ZFRON funds (disabled persons’ rehabilitation fund of the enterprise)

To obtain additional information, please contact us:

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