22.03.2024 Labour law

Webinar: Collective redundancies – how to proceed legally?

Are you an employer facing collective redundancies? Do you want to learn how to prepare for such a process in order to minimise its potential negative effects on your company and employees? View our webinar recording and learn how to legally carry out collective redundancies.

Location: Online
Webinar date: Thursday, 11.04.2024, 11:00 am
Language: Polish

The procedure for carrying out collective redundancies imposes numerous obligations on employers. Failure to comply with them often has severe consequences – both in terms of finances and image. Entrepreneurs planning redundancies are frequently confronted with the dilemma of how to carry out collective redundancy procedures effectively, efficiently and without exposing themselves to lengthy court proceedings.

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Watch our webinar on the practical aspects of carrying out collective redundancies. Our experts clarified the most important doubts in this respect and answer your questions. During the event, we discussed the most important legal regulations concerning this issue, the employer’s obligations and potential risks.

Collective redundancies – webinar agenda

During the webinar we discussed the following issues:

  • Who can carry out collective redundancies and in what circumstances?
  • Liquidation vs. job reduction
  • Role of trade unions in the collective redundancies process
  • Obligations to inform the state authorities
  • What can a redundant employee receive?

Who is the webinar intended for?

The event was particularly designed for:

HR directors

HR managers

Business owners

Finance directors


Magdalena Wilkoszewska Director of The Labour Law Department, Attorney-At-Law
TGC Corporate Lawyers
Lidia Kozieł-Cieślak Attorney-At-Law at the Labour Law Department
TGC Corporate Lawyers
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