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Intellectual property

Intellectual propertylaw firm in Poland

Intangible assets constitute a significant part of the company’s assets. Our lawyers advise clients on how to manage intellectual property (IP) rights and the associated legal risks.

We deal with projects in the field of trademark protection, industrial property protection and copyright protection. We conduct audits aimed at identifying the client’s intellectual property rights, give opinions on contracts and help create an IP protection strategy. We represent clients in court disputes concerning the protection of rights and pursuing claims for infringement of intellectual property.

Intellectual property protection – selected areas of support

Trademark protection

  • Registration of trademarks in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
  • Registration of EU trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO – formerly OHIM)
  • Administrative and court proceedings concerning trade marks

Protection of industrial property

  • Civil law proceedings in the field of industrial property protection:
    • determination of the right to a patent, protection right, right in registration
    • disputes in the scope of legal transactions concerning patents, protection rights or rights in registration
    • infringement of a patent, protection right, right in registration
    • remuneration for the use of an inventive design
  • Audit of industrial property protection:
    • determining the scope of industrial property rights held by the company
    • conducting searches in databases in the field of competitive subjects
    • giving opinions on contracts related to industrial property rights

Copyright protection

  • Copyright protection audit:
    • determining the scope of copyright held by the company
    • giving opinions on copyright-related agreements: determining the effectiveness of contractual provisions regarding the transfer of rights
    • proposals for good practice in the field of copyright contractual clauses
    • analysis of tax aspects of employee creativity with the support of Tax Department
  • Conducting civil cases before common courts concerning the protection of rights and pursuing claims arising in connection with infringement of the company’s rights

Protection of intellectual property rights in the defence sector

  • Securing intellectual property rights in contracts concluded for the purposes of defense and state security
  • Legal assistance in negotiating technology transfer agreements and licensing agreements
  • Legal assistance in securing intellectual property rights as part of research and development works

Protection of intellectual property rights in creative industries

  • Advising on the protection of intellectual property rights in the film, music and fashion industries
  • Advising on the protection of intellectual property rights in the video game industry

Intellectual property protection

  • Strategic intellectual property planning
  • Recommendations in the field of business security from the perspective of IP rights
  • Recommendations of good practices in the field of establishing/maintaining rights
  • Creation of internal regulations for the protection of intellectual / industrial property
  • Supervision of maintenance and monitoring of exclusive rights
  • Protection of trade secrets, economic information and  know-how
  • Legal assistance in matters of preventing and combating the production and distribution of counterfeit goods

We also advise on protect of competition and protection of business operators against unfair market practices.

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Intellectual property – find out how we can help!

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