Our partners

Our partners

International legal support

TGC Corporate Lawyers cooperate with international legal networks and law firms operating on other markets, in particular from the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and France, as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to this, we effectively implement international projects and are able to respond to changing market requirements and customer needs.

We are a member of a dynamically developing legal network MyLegalNetwork, which gathers renowned law firms from Europe.  

We belong to the international legal network LawPact, which brings together leading law firms providing services in the field of commercial law, litigation and transactions.

We are also part of Crowe Global, one of 10 largest networks of consulting firms, operating in 150 countries around the world. 

Legal advisory on many markets

Together with our partners, we provide our clients with legal advice wherever it is needed. We also support international projects covering more than one jurisdiction.

Our partner in the US market is the law firm L4SB, which provides comprehensive legal support to clients who wish to start a business or already run a business within the US market.


We offer our clients:


Doing business in Poland – a compendium of knowledge for investors

We are a part of the Advartis Group providing comprehensive business services

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