New technologies

New technologies

New technologieslaw firm in Poland

Our law firm provides extensive legal support for companies operating in the broadly understood sector of new technologies. We help in the drafting of IT contracts and assess the existing documentation to secure the interests of our clients and ensure that their risk is minimized.

We provide legal advisory in the area of new technologies for:

  • Firm IT
  • Start-ups
  • Fin-tech companies
  • Software developers

Legal advisory for IT companies – selected areas of support

IT contracts 

  • Drafting IT contracts:
    • implementation contracts
    • service contracts
    • distribution agreements
  • Support in negotiating IT contracts, identification of legal risks
  • Audit of IT contracts in terms of business risk taking into account the specific issues in the IT industry
  • Recommendations of good practices in the field of drafting and servicing IT contracts


  • Audit of internal documentation regarding sales and invoicingprocedures
  • Drafting internal regulations regarding sales and invoicing procedures
  • Training and workshops
    • Presentation of KSeF
    • Analysis of potentially problematic issues
    • Analysis of FA(2) logical schema
  • Help with selecting IT environment consistent with KSeF requirements


  • Creation of legal structures for the provision of on-line services
  • Creating regulations of online stores, privacy policies, contracts
  • Advising on legal aspects of online marketing
  • Advice on cookie policies

Video Games and E-gaming

  • Creating a regulatory basis for online gaming platforms
    • solutions for the protection of personal data;
    • payment solutions
    • regulations and policies
  • Advising on the legal aspects of online gambling
  • Legal support for e-gaming platforms
  • Advice on intellectual property rights in video games
  • Legal support in development process

Creative industries

  • Advising on the protection of intellectual property rights in the network (filesharing, P2P networks, streaming)
  • Consultancy in the field of
    • new distribution channels
    • digitization of works
    • new business models in the field of digital media

Blockchain cryptocurrencies

  • Drafting regulations for blockchain-based services
  • Audit of the applied solutions in the field of blockchain technology
  • Advising on adapting business models to existing legal regulations
  • Advising on legal aspects of the acquisition and sale of cryptocurrencies and tokens

Our law firm supports clients operating in the new technologies sector also in the field of:

New technologies – find out how we can help!

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