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We are a friendly and stable employer. We have been operating in the market for over 30 years. We operate in an international environment, and we carry out a large part of our projects for foreign companies.

30+years of experience
44 000+completed
in 3 countries

We are part of the Advartis Group, which brings together companies that offer professional business services:




We work for companies operating in various sectors. We have many global brands among our clients.

Our team consists of a group of experts who cooperate with each other and support each other. In our daily work, we focus on partnership and open communication.

We provide members of our team with real development opportunities and participation in interesting projects.  We are proud that many employees have been cooperating with us for more than 10 years.

  • 80% of our Group’s team are women
  • 90% of Advartis Group managers are women
  • 20% of our team has worked with us for more than 10 years

Our offices

Our offices are located in high-class office buildings with convenient access


We provide a friendly, family atmosphere and support of superiors and co-workers. Our team members can enjoy free medical care, preferential offer for sports cards and group insurance, and language training. We make sure that every person feels good in our team.

Family atmosphere

Despite the professional nature of our services, we do not work like a typical corporation. Nobody is anonymous in our firm, we willingly support each other, share our knowledge and respect each other. It is the atmosphere and relations with co-workers that make a large part of our team members work with us for many years.

Development opportunities

Most of our lawyers grow together with our law firm. A large variety of projects and working with clients from different sectors allows us to systematically expand the range of our experience and provide new opportunities to our team members.

Enel-med medical care

Our permanent employees and staff are provided with a wide range of free medical care from Enel-Med. It is possible to cover members of your closest family with medical care package on attractive terms.

Multisport card

Like to stay fit? Members of our team can enjoy an attractive offer for a Multisport card, and have the opportunity to add a package for members of their family or friends.

Online language courses (English and German)

We provide all our employees and staff with opportunity to participate in online English and German language courses. A convenient online platform allows you to learn at your own pace and convenient time.

Excellent location of offices

Our offices are located in well-communicated points, offering convenient access by public transport. In the surrounding area you will find a rich infrastructure, including shops, restaurants and commercial points.

Group insurance

Our team members may take advantage of an attractive group insurance offer. You can also cover your family members.

Flexible working hours

We respect our employees’ time and understand that each of you has different needs and capacities. We provide flexible working hours.

Participation in CSR initiatives  

Our employees have the opportunity to get involved in many CSR initiatives organised by our Group, including the annual Christmas charity donation for children from orphanages, assistance to a single mother’s home or participation in sports charity challenges.

Meet our team

The team of TGC Corporate Lawyers consists of a group of professionals with many years of experience and a practical business approach.

What is it like to work with us?

Marlena Łyszczewska

Lawyer, Company Law Department

A workplace is our second home, we spend many hours here and we want to feel comfortable. I have been working at TGC for eight years now. I value this place for its family-like, great atmosphere, cooperation, kind and understanding manager. A great advantage of the TGC law firm is the lack of competition within the team, the mutual support and appreciation, as well as the flexible working hours and the option of working from home. Isn’t that great? An additional plus is the convenient and prestigious location.

I would definitely recommend TGC as a place to work?. I’ve learnt a lot here and I’m still learning, and since it’ an international law firm, I have constant contact with English and foreign clients, which I really appreciate.

Karolina Piątek

Junior Associate, Corporate Law Department

In the past I worked in other law firms, but only at TGC did I feel that this is the place that meets my expectations. I like the high level of independence and the flexibility of the work, first and foremost. The tasks I deal with here are challenging and growth-oriented, and the issues I analyse are diverse and very interesting.

The atmosphere at TGC is friendly, so I feel at ease and I don’t get stressed coming into the office or attending client meetings. Furthermore, the work here allows me to maintain a work-life balance, which is incredibly important to me.

Piotr Dudek

Director of the New Technologies, Defence & Aerospace Department

In my work at TGC, I really appreciate the opportunity to constantly develop and improve my skills. This law firm stands out for its spirit of teamwork, thanks to which solving complex legal issues is easier and more effective. Not without significance is also a friendly atmosphere and the lack of typically corporate, complicated internal structures.
It is very important for me that in my work at TGC I can develop my specialization while contributing to the development of the entire firm.

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We are a part of the Advartis Group providing comprehensive business services

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