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Global Mobility Services

Posting of workers – legal services

Increasing globalisation and growing need for expansion pose challenges to employers related to management of international talent mobility. TGC Corporate Lawyers as part of the Global Mobility Services package support clients by offering comprehensive legal solutions with regard to the posting of workers.

We offer support to companies employing foreigners in Poland, as well as companies posting workers abroad.

Our experts advise on how to plan, organize and implement all types of foreign travel and posting of workers in line with labour, tax and social insurance regulations in force.

Our legal services include:

  • Business travel,
  • Short-term posting of up to 6 months,
  • Temporary posting (six months – 2 years),
  • Long-term posting (2 – 5 years),
  • Relocations exceeding 5 years.

Posting of workers – services for employers

Planning and implementation of workers posting process in line with local and international regulations

  • Advisory on employment law, tax law and immigration obligations
  • Determining tax residency on the basis of Polish and international regulations
  • Registration of foreign employers in Poland and Polish employers abroad
  • Clarifying duties and responsibilities of employer as regards personal income tax and social insurance
  • Advisory with regard to foreign employer establishment
  • Payroll services with respect to posted workers
  • Drafting policies and regulations relating to the posting of workers
  • Legal advisory, including analyses, legal opinions and expert opinions
  • Comprehensive handling of matters before common courts, the Supreme Court or the Court of Justice of the European Union

We also represent employers and employees before the authorities with regard to all formalities related to the posting of workers to other EU member states and performance of work by workers posted to the territory of the Republic of Poland.

We also offer consultations on Polish and EU law pertaining to technically complex scenarios of posting of workers, including employment law and coordination of social insurance. 

Legal services for posted workers

We provide comprehensive legal assistance to employees of foreign companies posted to work in Poland or employees from Poland posted abroad. We provide support with regard to all forms of employment of posted workers:

  • sole proprietorship
  • specific task contracts
  • mandate contracts
  • nomination or management contracts.

Services for posted workers:

Support in compliance with immigration obligations

Registration and obtaining identification number

Advisory with respect to tax obligations and obligations related to social and health insurance

Handling annual tax returns of workers in the destination country and the posting country

Business travels:

  • tax residency certificate
  • A1 certificate concerning the social security legislation which applies to the holder


  • legal advisory to persons who temporarily perform work in other EU member state
  • on self-employment and non-standard forms of employment
  • on retirement pensions

Posting of workers – find out how we can help!

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