Legal services

Legal services

Legal services / legal advisory in Poland   

Corporate legal services offered by TGC Corporate Lawyers provide businesses with comprehensive support and advice from experts in various fields of law.

Our legal advisory is designed for companies of all sizes. We cooperate with  small  and medium-sized entities as well as large corporations. Among our clients are many international companies. Practical knowledge of Polish and international law enables us to provide legal services to clients from various jurisdictions.

We offer legal services schemes based on permanent cooperation, individual projects or instructions in particular matter. We are flexible and perfectly understand the specific issues   of various sectors.

Our law firm provides comprehensive assistance tailored to individual needs of the client. We select optimal solutions, providing companies with support in the area of compliance or risk minimization and supporting development of their business.

Corporate legal advisory

We provide legal services to businesses in such areas as company law, commercial law, labour law, real estate law, bankruptcy law or aviation law. We conduct court disputes and mediation and represent clients in negotiations with business partners, creditors / debtors or trade unions. We help to establish, restructure and liquidate companies, we also have many years of experience in fields such as mergers and acquisitions, protection against unfair competition or employment of foreigners. We also provide corporate secretarial services to facilitate conducting business in Poland and meeting statutory obligations.

Our legal services also include drafting of contracts, regulations and internal policies. Our law firm supports projects in the field of new technologies, providing legal support for IT companies, start-ups or e-commerce companies. We help in the area of intellectual property, copyright or trademark protection.

Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers allows us to support clients comprehensively, providing a view on a given issue from many different perspectives.

Scope of legal services of TGC Corporate Lawyers

Corporate legal services offered by TGC Corporate Lawyers:

  • Company law –  comprehensive legal services for companies from their formation, throughout the entire company life cycle to liquidation. Shareholders support.  
  • Commercial law – support in drafting, negotiating and evaluating trade agreements.
  • Labour law  – legal  advice required to implement ongoing projects related to labour law such as recruitment of new employees, reduction of employment or preparation of internal regulations enabling  effective team management and compliance with legal requirements, including areas such as whistleblower protection, mobbing or discrimination. We also prepare employee documentation.  We offer audit of HR procedures and documentation. We represent employers in contacts with third parties.
  • Real estate law – we provide legal advice to developers, owners of office, commercial or warehouse facilities, tenants of commercial buildings and construction companies. We handle documentation and negotiate terms and conditions of real estate transactions, including acquiring or selling real estates, updating the legal status of real estate or their commercialization. We provide comprehensive services during investment processes with regard to administrative and legal permits and construction of new facilities.
  • M&A transactions  – we comprehensively support mergers and acquisitions processes, providing legal services to buyers and target entities.  
  • Legal audit/ due diligence – we offer comprehensive examination of legal status of the company, carried out in connection with sale transaction, listing on stock exchange, restructuring or changes in the management board.
  • Litigation and arbitration proceedings – we conduct court disputes for clients, we represent them in courts of all instances and before administrative authorities.
  • Intellectual Property – we advise clients on how to manage intellectual property rights and associated risks.
  • Corporate secretarial services – we help in the formation of companies, branches and representative offices and in daily legal support.
  • Protection of personal data –  we advise on the correct methods of personal data protection.
  • Unfair competition – we provide legal advice in the field of combating unfair competition and assessing the compliance of corporate operations with competition and consumer protection regulation. We represent our clients in related litigation.
  • Bankruptcy law and restructuring – we comprehensively support clients in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

Legal services in Poland for foreign companies

TGC Corporate Lawyers provide services to clients from Poland and abroad, as well as companies operating on international markets.  Our lawyers assist investors when they enter the Polish market and when they develop their business (e.g. mergers and acquisitions or purchase of real estate), as well as liquidation or restructuring of business.

We provide professional legal services in English. 

Law firm in Warsaw, Wrocław, Łódź and Kraków

We provide legal services for companies from all over Poland. Our offices are located in Warsaw, Krakow, Łódź and Wrocław.  We also offer legal advice online.

Legal advisory – why us?

Cooperation with our law firm ensures that companies comply with the applicable laws and regulations and have their interests secured. We help to make the right business decisions and minimize risk, protecting our clients from unfavourable solutions, dishonest contractors or illegal activities.

TGC legal services ensure:

Protection of corporate interests

experienced experts specialized in particular areas of law give opinions on various types of contracts and negotiate their terms. We make sure that  operations carried out by our clients are beneficial and safe for them.

Risk reduction

we analyse various options, choosing optimal solutions for our clients that guarantee compliance with regulations and reduce the risk of inspections, sanctions, claims or litigation from contractors, employees or state authorities. 

Optimization of operations

through legal advice, we support clients in making the right business decisions that help them operate more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Data security

as corporate legal advisors, we make sure that our clients’ data is safe. We operate in accordance with the international safety standard ISO 27001.

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