Minimum wage in 2022 to be raised by PLN 200

According to the adopted proposal of the Council of Ministers, in 2022 the minimum wage is to amount to PLN 3000. The minimum hourly rate will increase simultaneously.

At present, the proposed changes in the amount of the minimum wage in the next year have been passed to the Social Dialogue Council where they will be negotiated with employers and trade unions.

The planned increase of the rates is PLN 200 for the minimum wage and PLN 1.3 for the minimum hourly rate. Both rates are to increase by 7.1%. In 2021, the increase amounted to 7.7%.

2022 minimum wage – proposed rates




Minimum wage



Minimum hourly rate



Higher minimum wage vs benefits

The increase of the minimum wage also involves increased amounts of other employment-related benefits determined on its basis. This means that in 2022, inter alia, the following benefits will also be raised:

  • Minimum retirement and disability pension assessment basis for entrepreneurs making settlements on preferential terms
  • Severance payments
  • Night work allowance
  • Minimum wage for downtime not attributable to the employee
  • Compensations for unequal treatment, mobbing and discrimination

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