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Adrianna Dąborwska, Business Analyst at TGC Corporate Lawyers:

"I have been working at TGC Corporate Lawyers for over a year and a half as Business Analyst – a position rather unusual for a law firm. Over this time I have learned a lot about how the market of legal services and the law firm itself function. I think everyone looking for a career challenge will find their place in the corporate culture of TGC Corporate Lawyers.

The atmosphere at TGC is based on mutual trust arising from the professionalism of the team - in practice it greatly facilitates the work and motivates. All TGC’s employees are treated seriously regardless of their seniority or experience. In addition, supervisors respect the balance between the professional and personal lives of employees, which is not so obvious at the present time.

Working at TGC Corporate Lawyers has both benefits of a corporation (career paths, private medical care and other) and the atmosphere of a family business, which TGC actually stems from."


Artur Rogozik, Partner at TGC Corporate Lawyers:

"When I started working at TGC Corporate Lawyers I was convinced that it was a place where I could develop my passion for providing legal services to foreign investors in the course of economic change in our country. And so I did. Clarifying the requirements of Polish law for foreign investors in various sectors of the economy and introducing foreign companies to the Polish market often in cooperation with foreign law firms as well as participating in privatization processes, including  the largest ones in Poland, gave me great satisfaction. It has remained that way to this day despite the changing external circumstances, which were both positive for the Polish economy such as EU accession, and negative such as the financial crisis of 2008. A good professional team, which creates a pleasant working atmosphere has always made it possible to endure all external turbulences and  still makes working at TGC Corporate Lawyers a pleasure."


Trainee in TGC Corporate Lawyers:

"In a law firm called TGC Corporate Lawyers I completed a three-month traineeship. At the same time, I was studying which allowed me to use the knowledge acquired during studies in practice. During my traineeship, I became familiar with the work of advocates and legal advisors as well as I developed my knowledge and skills with regard to banking law, tax law and commercial companies law. Additionally, I took part in works over sales processes. An interesting aspect of my traineeship was numerous seminars organized by lawyers from the law office.

In TGC Corporate Lawyers there is a nice atmosphere of work, which has a positive influence on the effectiveness of employees. All employees are very eager to provide assistance to others, which is a result of good cooperation.

I think that TGC Corporate Lawyers is a law firm which has a great potential, and its professional staff cares for a high level of legal services. If I may choose, in the future I would like to support the work of the law firm as a lawyer."


Marek, Trainee in TGC Corporate Lawyers:

"When in the summer 2013 I was given the opportunity to complete a traineeship in an international law firm, which is TGC Corporate Lawyers, I did not hesitate even for a moment. Using a holiday break between the 4th and 5th year of study I wanted to enrich the knowledge acquired during my studies with practical skills. Among many offers of traineeship I chose the one from TGC hoping that that law firm will be the best place to gain professional experience. TGC did not disappoint me. The traineeship in this place allowed me to become familiar with the functioning of a law firm and methods of work of highly qualified specialists not only in the area of law, but also marketing or business development, who eagerly answered my questions and provided assistance to me. As a trainee I participated among others in the update of the existing database of TGC’s clients or search for regulations of specific legal issues. During performance of my duties, I familiarized myself with tools supporting the work of the law firm such as CRM and learnt how to edit websites using the CMS system.

Furthermore, staying in an international group of employees of the law firms was an excellent opportunity to improve my English. The friendly atmosphere in TGC made that I participated in the traineeship with pleasure. The traineeship in TGC Corporate Lawyers allowed me to acquire many valuable skills, which for sure will near fruits in my further professional career."







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