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Webinar: Effective monitoring of receivables – available tools

Is your company facing the problem of unreliable contractors? View the recording of our webinar where we talked about the tools available to help you reduce the scale of your clients’ late payments and protect the company against the risk of losing financial liquidity.

Overdue payments are a growing problem for Polish entrepreneurs. In 2022, the number of insolvent companies increased by as much as 30%. 40% of entities from the SME sector admit that delays in settlements with counterparties are a serious problem. By using effective tools for monitoring receivables as well as taking advantage of available tax and legal solutions, companies have the opportunity to significantly reduce the scale of overdue receivables, while maintaining good relations with their counterparties.

Location: Poland, Online
Date of the webinar: 22 June 2023, 11.00 am – 12.00 pm CET
Language: Polish

View the webinar recording co-organised by TGC Corporate Lawyers and Crowe to learn:

  • How to effectively monitor and analyze receivables?
  • How to implement an effective debt collection and recovery system?
  • How to prevent late payments?
  • Which legal and tax solutions to use in case of overdue payments?
  • How to minimize the risk of losing liquidity?

To whom was the webinar designed?

We especially invite to view the recording:

  • Companies experiencing the problem of overdue invoices
  • Companies who want to prevent potential payment problems
  • Business owners
  • Finance directors / CFOs
  • Chief accountants

Effective monitoring of receivables – webinar agenda:

  1. Preventing the occurrence of late payments
  • Agreements with business partners / clients
  • Payment monitoring mechanisms

2. Debt collection activities – release of frozen funds

  • Soft debt collection
  • Judicial collection
  • Fast track litigation

3. Early identification of recalcitrant counterparties

  • What data is worth analyzing?
  • Which financial reports to use?

4. Bad debt relief – income tax and VAT

  • Terms and conditions of tax relief


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