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Webinar: Return of subsidies from the Financial Shield – how to protect oneself against PFR claims?

Once the period for returning the refundable part of the subsidy received under the SME Financial Shield ended, the Polish Development Fund (PFR) began to question the eligibility of some companies to receive support. As a result, numerous entities received payment notices demanding the return of the entire amount of subsidy. The problem may concern up to 4,500 companies. Some of them have already received legal claims from the court. Is it possible to effectively protect a company from PFR claims?

Location: Online
Webinar date: Thursday, 21.03.2024, 11:00 am

View the recording of a webinar during which we discussed how to deal with the situation of receiving calls for returning a Financial Shield grant from the Polish Development Fund.

The recording is in Polish.

What do PFR notices concern?

The Polish Development Fund (PFR) usually accuses companies of not being allowed to participate in the programme on the grounds of not meeting the SME criterion. On this basis, the Fund demands the return of the granted funds. The most frequent allegations concern:

  • Submitting applications for SME support despite having the status of a large entrepreneur
  • Submitting applications for support by foreign enterprise branches

Learn more: PFR requests return of subsidies from the SMEs Financial Shield

Demand for return of PFR subsidies – key risks for companies

Claims by the Polish Development Fund may expose companies to both measurable financial and image losses. The necessity to return already disbursed subsidies may disrupt financial liquidity and lead to a loss of confidence by customers, business partners, investors or financial institutions.

If you would like to find out how to act in the event of receiving a claim or a legal action for the reimbursement of a subsidy from the PFR, view the TGC Corporate Lawyers webinar. During the event, we discussed what you can do if you receive a demand for return of the funds or a legal action from the Polish Development Fund. 

Return of PFR subsidies – webinar agenda

  • Demand for return of SME Shield subsidy amount – mode of action
  • What arguments does PFR raise?
  • How can you defend yourself against PFR’s claims?
  • Q&A session

Return of subsidies from the Financial Shield – see how we can help!


Grzegorz Witczak Director of the Commercial Law and Property Department
TGC Corporate Lawyers
Bartłomiej Urbanek Senior Associate, Advocate
TGC Corporate Lawyers
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