23.11.2023 Business law

E-delivery – deadline for implementing phase I postponed

The Ministry of Digitisation has decided to postpone the deadline for the mandatory use of e-delivery from 10 December to 30 December 2023.  

E-delivery as from 30 December 2023  

On 22 November 2023, the Ministry of Digitisation held a meeting with representatives of entities obliged to adopt the so-called e-delivery. The outcome of the discussions is the postponement of the deadline for the 1st stage of the implementation of the obligation to use e-delivery from 10 December to 30 December 2023. Learn more: Electronic delivery – key changes  

The changed deadline applies, according to the Act, to, inter alia, advocates, legal advisers, notaries, restructuring advisers, patent attorneys, as well as government administration bodies and local government units. 

The postponement of the deadline for implementing e-delivery was requested, among others, by organisations associating public entities and public trust professions together with representatives of local authorities, for whom the earlier deadline for switching to e-delivery coincided with the dispatch of property tax assessment decisions. 

The postponement of the e-delivery deadline is certainly good news for all obliged entities. The additional time will allow them to better prepare for the arrival of the new obligation, including drafting internal regulations for the correspondence flow. 

The change of the deadline from 10 December to 30 December 2023 is to take place under an amendment to the announcement of the Minister of Digitisation published in the Journal of Laws. 

Learn more: watch our webinar recording – E-delivery for commercial companies in Poland – how to prepare for the new obligation?  

E-delivery – changes to the system coming  

Apart from the approved and planned changes to the effective date of the new obligation, new functionalities are planned to be implemented by the system operator. The aim of the changes is to improve the processing of correspondence. The new functionalities are to include: 

  • bulk sending of messages to multiple addressees,   
  • bulk archiving of messages in a delivery box,   
  • increasing the size of attachments that can be sent via a public registered electronic delivery service. 

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