22.11.2022 Company law

Applications for cheaper electricity for traders until November 30

Companies from the SME sector can apply for a freeze in electricity prices. To take advantage of the preferential energy price from 1 December 2022, you must submit an application by the end of November. How to do it and what will be the maximum price for electricity in 2023?

Cheaper electricity for companies if an application is submitted

The Act on emergency measures aimed at limiting electricity prices and supporting certain buyers in 2023, adopted on 27 October 2022, provides for the freezing of electricity prices not only for households, but also for companies. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and sole proprietorships are eligible to obtain those benefits.

The condition for taking advantage of lower electricity prices from 1 December 2022 to the end of 2023 is submitting to your energy supplier an application for electricity supply by 30 November 2022.

If a company misses this deadline, it will still be able to take advantage of the preferential price for electricity but only from the month following the month in which the application for discount was received.

In the application, the applicant must state:

  • its identification data, including the registered office address
  • information on the electricity contract and the estimated electricity consumption.

After submitting the application, the maximum electricity price for a company from 1 December 2022 will be PLN 785 per 1 MWh, or PLN 0.785 per 1 kWh.

Applications should be submitted to your energy supplier electronically, by post or by visiting the customer service desk in person.

How can we help?

 TGC Corporate Lawyers offer support in submitting applications for the freezing of energy prices, including:

  • Verification whether the entity is entitled to benefit from the freezing of energy prices
  • Assistance in submitting the application

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