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26.03.2021 Legal services

Complicated litigation after Brexit

After Brexit, judicial enforcement of claims against partners from the UK has become more expensive and complicated, because even if a British court decision proves positive for a Polish entrepreneur, it will not automatically be recognised in the European Union.

After Brexit, EU regulations on mutual judicial cooperation and designating the law applicable to contractual and non-contractual claims ceased to apply in the UK, making litigation between Polish and UK companies potentially much more difficult and complex.

If a Polish entrepreneur pursues a claim before a British court, it is best for him to hire a local lawyer or a Polish law firm which cooperates closely with British law firms. This is because even after a British court judgment favourable to Poland, a separate enforcement procedure will have to be initiated in the UK – explains Beata Ordowska, Lawyer and Partner at TGC Corporate Lawyers, in the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper.

The article is available in Polish only.

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