17.05.2021 Labour law

Day off for COVID-19 vaccination – draft regulations

Polish Parliament has received the draft regulations according to which the day of COVID-19 vaccination would be a day off from work, also for those employed on the basis of a contract other than an employment contract.

On 13 May 2021, an amendment bill to the so-called Covid Act was submitted to the Sejm. According to it, employees would have the right to a day off on the day of the coronavirus vaccination.

The draft regulations envisage granting employees the right to a day off from work due to the appointed date of the COVID-19 vaccination, also to the persons employed under contracts other than an employment contract (contract of mandate).

Under the draft, the condition for receiving a day off is to provide an employer with a referral with the vaccination date, and no later than on the day preceding the vaccination (a referral from a health centre or from the e-patient website).

It should be noted that, nowadays employers may or may not grant an employee time off from work for the COVID-19 vaccination, as it is entirely up to the goodwill of the employing entity.

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