2.06.2022 Real estate law

The new Real Estate Development Act – 5 key changes for developers

The most important changes under the new Development Act in a nutshell.

1. The new Act’s scope of implementation

Implementation of the new Act also with respect to garages and storage units. 

2. Reservation fee

Limitation of the reservation fee to max. 1% of the apartment price. Obligation to return the amount paid to the purchaser upon receiving a negative credit decision.

3. Information Prospectus

Obligatory delivery of the information prospectus to the purchaser prior to signing the reservation agreement. Further obligatory information in the prospectus e.g. much more detailed information on planned developments within a 1 km radius of the development.

4. Accepting the condition of an apartment

New rules of reporting defects in apartments. Possibility to remove them at the developer’s expense. Introduction of the notion of material defect.

5. Developer Guarantee Fund

Making the contribution to the Developer Guarantee Fund conditional on the type of escrow account chosen.

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