26.09.2023 Aviation law and defence

Piotr Dudek – speaker at DISPAX World 2023 conference

In October 2023, the 4th edition of the international DISPAX World 2023 conference dedicated to the management of unruly airline passengers will take place. One of the speakers will be our defence & aerospace expert – Piotr Dudek. 

The 4th International Conference DISPAX World will be held on 11-12 October 2023 in Prague. The main theme will be the management and restraining undesirable behaviour of airline passengers. During the event, aviation industry experts will talk about the reasons for those behaviours, the rules of aircrew response and legal consequences for carriers and countries. The program discusses issues from aircrews, passengers, regulators, industry associations and law enforcement agencies perspectives.  

Full agenda and registration form on the organizer’s website.    

Legal aspects of Flight 4978’s forced diversion to Minsk – lecture by a TGC expert 

One of the speakers of this year’s edition of DISPAX World will be our expert in the field of aviation law – Piotr Dudek. He will give a lecture titled “State-Sponsored Hijacking: Ryanair Flight 4978’s forced diversion to Minsk”. 

Piotr will discuss issues related to the behaviour of individual entities (Belarusian authorities, flight operator, aircrew) from the point of view of international aviation law and passenger behaviour. 

When: 11 October 2023   
Where: Vaclav Havel Prague Airport  
Speaker: Piotr Dudek, TGC expert in the field of aviation law  

You can learn more about the forced diversion of flight FR4978 to Minsk from the article by Piotr Dudek on our website.   


Piotr Dudek Director of the New Technologies, Defence & Aerospace Department, Advocate
TGC Corporate Lawyers

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