7.07.2020 Business law

Webinar: Public procurement during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many areas of the economy, including public procurement. What options do contracting authorities and contractors have to protect their interests under the regulations introduced by the so-called Anti-Crisis Shields, especially by the Shield 4.0?

The Anti-Crisis Shields, especially Shield 4.0, have introduced changes to public procurement law. These changes concern situations in which due to the COVID-19 pandemic the proper execution of a contract is impossible or hindered. The new regulations include, inter alia, the obligation to amend a contract when it cannot be executed and the temporary suspension of the deduction of contractual penalties. Under the new regulations, entrepreneurs – in certain cases – have also been authorised to order services or goods excluding the provisions of the Public Procurement Law, and the issues of claims of the parties to a public procurement contract have been settled.

We held a free webinar, during which we discussed what public procurement solutions have been introduced by the Anti-Crisis Shields and how to apply them in practice.

The webinar date: 14 July 2020
11:00 – 11:45


  • Public procurement – COVID-19 as a force majeure
  • Exclusion of the provisions of the public procurement law
  • Changes to the tender guarantee and protections during an epidemic
  • Information obligation of the contracting parties
  • Amendment of contracts in relation to COVID-19
  • Contractual penalties
  • Public Procurement – consortium


Paweł Góra
Attorney at law
TGC Corporate Lawyers

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