21.10.2020 Business law

Webinar: Pursuing claims under construction contracts

When is it possible to pursue claims under construction contracts and how to prepare for this process? We invite you to a free webinar, during which we will address the most important issues related to the enforcement of rights if the construction work is not carried out, or if the work is faulty or does not comply with the contract.

The webinar date: 29 October 2020,
Time: 11.00 a.m. – 11.45 a.m.

Construction contracts specify the obligations of both the contractor and the investor, including the launch, execution and completion of the construction project. However, sometimes one of the parties fails to fulfil all the obligations of the contract. How to effectively request the execution of the contract, the removal of defects or a compensation? What legal steps can be taken by investors or contractors?

During the webinar, we will present the principles and types of claims under construction contracts, options for amicable settlement of a dispute and will also discuss the process of claim enforcement.


  • Pursuing claims – the general aspects
  • The parties to court proceedings, including the structure of a consortium
  • Types of legal actions
  • Investor’s claims for faulty construction of a facility or for construction against the contract provisions
  • Security for claims under construction contracts
  • Amicable settlement of disputes arising from construction contracts
  • Enforcement of claims

Participation in the event is free of charge. The webinar will be conducted in Polish.


Paweł Góra
TGC Corporate Lawyers

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