18.03.2020 Business law

Coronavirus: Business Support Package

Due to the growing threat of negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic on business, we have prepared a package of services supporting entrepreneurs in this exceptionally difficult period.

We offer comprehensive legal advisory concerning the possibilities of taking advantage of the regulations in force and introduced as a response to the current situation of the special acts:

  • Force majeure and fulfilment of contracts with customers and suppliers
  • Verification of contracts with clients and suppliers
  • Advice on the renegotiation of contracts
  • Evaluation of lease agreements, renegotiation of lease terms and conditions
  • Development of procedures and internal regulations
  • Structuring of remote work (regulations)
  • Regulations, leave arrangements, leave opinions (sending for compulsory leave, use of unpaid leave)
  • Internal regulations for reducing dimensions of work
  • Renegotiation of employment terms and conditions
  • Optimisation of the employment structure
  • Support for employment reductions and collective redundancies

Our group also provides support in the area of:

  • Risk management
  • Analysis of the company’s financial liquidity
  • Negotiations with financial institutions
  • Drafting applications for deferment of tax payments and social security contributions
  • Applying for cancellation of overdue tax payments
  • Optimisation of the cost structure, conversion of part of fixed costs into variable costs
  • Optimization of resources used for business processes
  • Automation of processes in case of insufficient staffing
  • Maintaining information security during remote work
  • Compliance of coronavirus-related activities with GDPR
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan

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