30.03.2023 Labour law

Draft regulation on work visas applications

On 24 March 2023, a draft regulation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs on accepting the applications for Polish work visa out of turn, was published on the Government Legislation Centre‘s website.

The draft regulation published on the website of the Government Legislation Centre refers to Article 77 (11) of the Aliens Act. That article provides that the minister responsible for foreign affairs may, by means of regulation, determine occupations and types of contracts on the basis of which a foreign national will receive a work visa out of turn.

The proposed regulation provides the list of professions and activities of the entity entrusting the work to a foreigner, which qualify for faster issuing of work visas. Professions on the list are considered scarce, and thanks to faster and easier employment of specialists from abroad, the situation on the Polish labour market is expected to significantly improve.

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Polish work visas — privileged professional groups

Among the professions for which applications for a national visa for the purpose of employment will be accepted out of turn, are:

  • Medical specialists,
  • Nurses,
  • IT system developers,
  • Application developers,
  • Database developers and administrators,
  • Industrial and manufacturing engineers,
  • Construction technicians,
  • Construction electricians and related professions,
  • Truck drivers.

And the list of activities for which applications for work visas will be accepted out of turn includes:

  • Accommodation and catering activities,
  • Activities related to software and computer science consultancy,
  • Information service activities.

 The proposed regulation will enter into force 14 days after its publication.

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