22.10.2019 Labour law

European Labour Authority starts its activities

European Labour Authority ensures the effective enforcement of EU rules concerning labour mobility, enables citizens and businesses to fully benefit from the internal market and supports cooperation with national authorities.

European Labour Authority will be a permanent structure. It will reach its full operational capacity by 2024 and it will employ over 140 staff members, a part of whom will be seconded by Member States to act as National Liaison Officers.

 European Labour Authority – its most important functions are:

  • to increase access to information for employees and employers concerning cross-border labour mobility, the free movement of services and the coordination of social security systems,
  • to support Member States with the effective enforcement of cross-border Union law and ensure joint and concerted inspections,
  • to reinforce cooperation of Member States in counteracting undeclared work,
  • to enable employees and employers to fully benefit from the internal market,
  • to support national authorities in settling the cross-border disputes,
  • to ensure access to information and coordinate the EURES operations,
  • to intensify coordination of social security systems.

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Cross-border employees

The establishment of a new authority protecting the UE labour law is even more important, that according to the latest European Commission data over 17 million of European citizens live and work in another EU Member State. It is more than twice as many as ten years ago, and a new institution may help to improve substantially the cross-border cooperation of UE Member States, including Poland.
In Poland the cross-border problems are addressed by SOLVIT, a free mediation centre, established in 2004 under the European Affairs Department of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

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