20.10.2023 Labour law

National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) – number of complaints and fines imposed on employers increasing

In 2022, the total value of fines imposed by the PIP on employers amounted to more than PLN 19 million. The number of complaints filed by employees with the PIP has also increased. What do the irregularities relate to and how can companies counteract them?

In 2022, the number of complaints filed by employees with the PIP was 10% higher than the year before. In contrast, the PIP report shows that non-payment of wages or untimely payment of wages, incorrect holiday pay settlements, as well as termination of contracts contrary to the law were the most common reasons for reporting irregularities.

It is worth noting that there are only a few cases in which an employer can terminate a contract without a notice period. This does not only apply to cases of serious misconduct or committing a criminal offence during work time, but also to the loss of entitlements necessary for carrying out job duties, such as a driver’s licence. The contract without a notice period can also be terminated if there are prolonged absences, whether due to illness or other reasons – says Magdalena Wilkoszewska Magdalena Wilkoszewska, Director of the Labour Law Department at TGC Corporate Lawyers in a statement to FOCUS ON Business.

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Magdalena Wilkoszewska Director of The Labour Law Department, Attorney-At-Law
TGC Corporate Lawyers
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