29.04.2021 Labour law

COVID-19 vaccinations also in smaller companies

The government has specified in greater detail the changes concerning vaccinations by entrepreneurs to be launched mid-May. In order to organise vaccinations at a workplace it is enough to have 300 individuals willing to get the vaccine – not only employees.

The previous vaccination program at workplaces assumed participation of businesses employing at least 500 individuals only, but the new assumptions will open the way to the program for almost every employer.

COVID-19 vaccinations – which companies will be able to organise them?

According to the latest information the action may be joined by companies which will report 300 individuals willing to get the vaccine, including:

  • employees
  • contractors
  • individuals conducting business activity
  • members of employees’ families

These may be both single companies and groups of smaller employers who jointly meet the criterion of the number of people subject to vaccination.

Registration of employers is to start on 4 May and first vaccinations of employees are likely to take place on 12, 15 or 20 May.

Additionally, the action may also be joined by industry associations, universities or professional self-governments.

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Vaccinations at workplaces at the weekend – government’s guidelines

The action of vaccinations at workplaces is to be launched mid-May, but already at the moment we know the exact guidelines with regard to the procedure of organisation of the action by employers.

New proposals of the government concerning vaccinations at companies include the following issues:

  • vaccinations carried out during non-working time, on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday, plus two additional days, so that the vaccination process may be completed within five days,
  • vaccinations at a vaccination point, carried out by a healthcare entity which agrees to organise vaccinations for company’s employees and the company has established cooperation with it,
  • notices from employers via the application form of the Government Centre for Security (the application form indicates the number of individuals interested in vaccinations, details of the entity cooperating with regard to vaccinations – healthcare entity),
  • The Government Strategic Reserve Agency will issue an offer for the healthcare entity and after its approval will deliver the ordered quantity of vaccines to the address indicated by that entity,
  • Vaccinations are carried out by the healthcare entity and a vaccination record card serves as their confirmation.

The “KoronaBilans MŚP” survey of the National Debt Register of the Business Information Bureau shows that as many as 70.4% of companies would like to vaccinate their employees.

In Poland, as shown on the SzczepimySię government website, a total of 10 487 131 individuals were vaccinated against COVID-19 from the beginning of the epidemic to 27 April 2021.

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